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The 1st TAFISA Regional TSG Centre opens in Amravati, India PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 16 September 2014 04:14

TAFISA is proud to announce the opening of its 1st Regional Traditional Sports and Games Centre in partnership with H.V.P. Mandal in Amravati, India. The Centre was formally launched in presence of TAFISA Vice-President Catherine Forde on the 5th of September 2014.


The Opening Ceremony, chaired by Dr. Suresh Deshpande, gathered more than 300 people including guests from India, Germany, France, Malaysia, Seychelles and other surrounding countries. Many students from the Institute got the chance to participate in this unique event which was also the occasion for the hosts to showcase Traditional Sports and Games (TSG) and folk dances from India.



This TAFISA Regional TSG Centre, as an integral part of a comprehensive strategy TAFISA has set up

to preserve and promote TSG from the World, will particularly focus on Indian and Asian cultures.


H.V.P. Mandal has been granted the right to run the Centre which serves as a Documentation and Information Centre for TSG and will develop key activities such as:

  • The organisation of training camps and classes in TSG on a regular basis at national and international levels;
  • The invitation of TSG experts of different countries and utilisation of their services in promoting TSG of their countries at the Centre;
  • The offer of research scholarships for the promotion and study of scientific aspect of TSG;
  • The organisation of academic seminars, workshops and conferences based on the theme of TSG;
  • The sending of young scholars to different countries for observation & study of TSG;
  • The sending of young scholars and experts for participation in international seminars and conferences related to TSG;
  • The publication and promotion of standard literature on TSG.

The opening of the Centre was followed by a successful TAFISA International CLC and an International Seminar on Sport for All and Sports Tourism, hosted and organised by H.V.P. Mandal.

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First Games Announcement on its way PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 11 September 2014 13:38

The 6th TAFISA World Sport for All Games are casting their shadows ahead and the preparations for this big event in Jakarta, Indonesia are running smoothly. From 6th to 12th October 2016, Jakarta will be the capital of Sport for All. Held under patronage of the IOC and UNESCO, the Games will gather thousands of participants from around the globe to demonstrate or compete in Traditional Sports and Games (TSG).

Recently TAFISA has sent out the first announcement for the Games, with information for participants as well as interested organizations and persons. The announcement as well as a pre-registration form can be found on our website.


In the course of the Games preparations a delegation under the leadership of Mr. Alfitra Salamm, Secretary of the Sport Ministry, visited the TAFISA Office in Frankfurt.


» 2016 Games - Pre Registration Form
» 2016 Games - First Announcement Flyer


For more information, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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The 1st TAFISA World Martial Arts Games was a milestone event for TAFISA PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 11 September 2014 13:30

The 1st TAFISA World Martial Arts Games was a milestone event for TAFISA, the Richmond Olympic Oval and the Martial Arts world.  As a pilot event for what may become a series of great Games events to be held every two years, the TWMAG was the first event of its type to be under the patronage of the IOC, and made the most of the spectacular Richmond Olympic Oval in the spirit of Olympic legacy in Sport for All and physical activity.


The team at the Richmond Olympic Oval created a Games event that was nothing but impressive, professional and enjoyable for all who attended.  With more than 300 athletes from over 10 countries competing in a myriad of age groups and martial art styles, the Games was considered a great success by all participants, spectators and press alike, including TAFISA President Chang, Treasurer Hagay and Secretary General Baumann who attended.


Special thanks goes to John Mills, COO of Richmond Olympic Oval, his team in the OC lead by Tanya Foley, Warren Purchase and Aran Kay, and of course Ken Marchtaler, Chairman of the OC and TAFISA Martial Arts Commissioner for all of their hard work.   The Games was also an excellent opportunity for TAFISA to meet with its members in the Martial Arts field, and discuss future plans with, for example, Madagascar, China, Japan, Israel and traditional martial arts groups like tae kwon do and sambo.


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Death of Prof. Nikola Hadjiev PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 03 September 2014 19:44

TAFISA is deeply saddened to learn of the death of Prof. Nikola Hadjiev (Bulgaria), TAFISA Founder Member as well as TAFISA Board Member from 1991 – 2005, at the age of 78.

Prof. Hadjiev dedicated his entire career the promotion of sport. He was Vice President of the International Gymnastic Federation from1980-1984 and of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee from 1980 – 1990.

From 1979 – 1987 Prof. Hadjiev was the rector of the Bulgarian National Sport Academy “Vasil Levski”, where he was also a longtime professor in the structure, organization and management of the biomechanics of gymnastics and gymnastic exercises.

He was also the initiator and founder of the Bulgarian Sport for All Association, the Balkan Sport for All Association and the National Scientific Association “Sport, Stress, Adaption”.

Throughout his career Prof. Hadjiev received respected distinctions, such as the title “Honored worker of physical culture and sport” , “Cyril and Methodius Grade II” and two Orders of Labour in gold.

TAFISA expresses its deepest sympathy to Prof. Hadjiev’s family.

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