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TAFISA World Walking Day PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 15 March 2010 18:06


On the first weekend in October every year since 1991, millions of participants around the world have taken to the streets to share in TAFISA World Walking Day.  This year, for the first time, TAFISA WWD will be for the whole month of October to encourage integrating physical activity into everyday lives, and align with the second ask of Designed To Move.  Of course, the weekend of 4th and 5th October will still be a special time with flagship events around the world, but TAFISA will welcome all walking events in the month of October to the TAFISA WWD calendar.


Make everyday your World Walking Day

TAFISA member organisations from every corner of the globe are invited to register their walking events in the month of October to the TAFISA WWD.  Of course, new events organized especially for the TAFISA WWD celebration are always welcome!

Let’s make this year the biggest year yet.  In past years TAFISA has had more than 12 million participants in over 300 walking events worldwide!

The day is open to citizens of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and genders, and organisers benefit from a free promotional package supplied by TAFISA which includes:

  • Use of the official title “World Walking Day“
  • Use of official artwork, including logo and posters
  • TAFISA handbook “How to organize Walking Events”
  • Promotion of event via TAFISA and our website
  • Integration of the event into the official WWD Calendar


Join us this October 2014 for TAFISA World Walking Day! More information will be posted on this site about participating in WWD 2014 shortly.  Stay tuned!


» TAFISA WWD 2014 Brochure
» WWD 2014 Registration Form



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