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TAFISA Bulletin 2016


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14 enthusiastic and motivated partners coming from the whole Europe gathered in the German Sport University Cologne on 18th-19th February 2014, in order to launch project Recall: Games of the Past – Sports for Today, coordinated by TAFISA and supported by the European Commission.

» Agenda (pdf, 451 KB)


Representatives from the following organisations attended the two days meeting:

  • Gerlev (Denmark)
  • Finnish Baseball Association (Finland)
  • Aquitaine Sport pour Tous (France)
  • International Federation of Petanque and Provencal Game (France)
  • Sport and Citizenship (France)
  • ENGSO Youth (Germany)
  • Institute of European Sport Development and Leisure Studies, German Sport University Cologne (Germany)
  • TAFISA (Germany)
  • Hungarian Coaching Association (Hungary)
  • Gaelic Athletic Association (Ireland)
  • Institute of Technology Tralee (Ireland)
  • European Physical Education Association (Luxembourg)
  • Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego (University School of Physical Education, Poznan) (Poland)
  • Portuguese Confederation of Culture, Recreation and Sport Collectivities (Portugal)

TAFISA would like to thank the host, the German Sport University Cologne, who made this 1st meeting possible.

We also address our warm greetings to UNESCO and its representative Mr. Marcellin Dally, for their ongoing support and commitment to promoting Traditional Sports and Games (TSG), as well as keynote speaker Prof. Roland Renson, who brought his high- and long-standing expertise to Cologne.

Mr. Marcellin Dally (UNESCO) underlined the key role project Recall can take in supporting Traditional Sports, Games and Cultures worldwide, and highlighted the importance to show their relevance to decision makers.

Prof. Roland Renson (Sportimonium, Belgium) inspiring speech: “Safeguarding ludodiversity: chances and challenges in the promotion and protection of movement culture”


This kick-off meeting constituted the chance for project partners to get to know each other, but also deepen their understanding of the challenges Project Recall raises and share their experiences and expertise about TSG, Sport for All, physical education and dissemination. Some of them brought TSG from their home country, which gave the opportunity to the participants to try them out and discover various European cultural traditions.


Dr. Malgorzata Bronikowska (University School of Physical Education Poznan) providing elements towards defining and classifying European TSG.


Martin Holzweg (European Physical Education Association) highlited the potential TSG have in regards to physical education at the school level.

Playing „Malha“, a traditional game from Portugal


Project Recall: Games of the Past – Sports for Today aims to reintroduce Traditional Sports and Games into the daily lives of children, as a means to increase sports and physical activity participation, as well as social inclusion.

The next project meeting will be hosted by the Finnish Baseball Association on 2nd – 3rd June in Helsinki, Finland.

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