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Tuesday, 19 February 2013 18:44

Certified Leadership Course (CLC) in Tehran, Iran
A National Certified Leadership Course (CLC) for Sport For All was held in Tehran, Iran between 2nd and 8th of February, 2013, which was attended by 73 participants. The opening ceremony was organized with the Secretary General of the Iranian Olympic committee, Mr. Afsharzadeh, in attendance.

The President of NOC Sport For All Committee, Dr. Majdara said, “I am grateful to TAFISA, particularly Secretary General, Mr. Wolfgang Bauman, for his support of the (Iranian Sport For All) Federation and commissioning good lecturers to the Iran (courses). Iran has always been one of the active countries in education of Sport For All and we have done our best to develop Sport For All in all in (Iranian) cities and villages”, he added.

In the meantime, Mr. Afsharzadeh appreciated the efforts made by the Iranian Sport For All Federation in the extensive programs and reiterating that thanks to the organization of different educational courses where more experts would be trained to promote public participation.

The course lecturers were the following:

Dr. Peter Kapustin (Germany), Mr. Torben Jensen (Denmark), Dr. Ali Majdara (Iran), Dr. Javad Maleky  (Iran), Dr. Reza Andam (Iran), and Dr. Mitra Rouhi (Iran)    

Within four working days, various topics were covered during the course as below:

Public health, volunteerism in Sport For All, strategy development, philosophy in Sport For All, policies & public relation, globalization of Sport for All, traditional sport & games, sport and social capital, target group.

Groups were formed and their group activities / reports were presented during the course. An oral exam was held at the end of the course.

The closing ceremony was attended by the President of NOC Sport For All Committee, Dr. Majdara and the Chancellor of Sport For All Academy.

Dr. Peter Kapustin said: “I appreciate and am happy with the efforts of the participants. I recognize this course as one of the best I have ever had.”

Mr. Jensen recognized the course as very good and said that he was happy with the participants’ enthusiasm for learning. He wished good luck for Iran Sport For All.

At the end of the ceremony, the participants were awarded the course certificates.


Certified Leadership Course (CLC) in Tehran, Iran

Certified Leadership Course (CLC) in Tehran, Iran

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