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Sunday, 13 June 2010 14:18

TAFISA currently has more than 250 member organizations from more than 150 countries across all continents.  This includes governmental bodies, national Olympic committees, national and international sports bodies, educational institutions, individuals and more.

TAFISA has three categories of membership:

  • National Members:
    institutions operating at national, provincial or equivalent level that promote Sport for All and physical activity
  • International Members:
    institutions that promote Sport for All and physical activity internationally
  • Supporter Members:
    individuals, academic institutions or commercial institutions, as well as public or private institutions, including city or community administrations, offering or promoting “Sport for All and physical activity”.

Membership fees are due by 30th April each year and are € 350 for National and International Members, and € 300 for Supporter Members.

To become part of the ever growing family of TAFISA, please complete and return the following application form, along with all the prescribed documents, to the TAFISA office.  Your application will be preliminary reviewed by the TAFISA Board of Directors at its next meeting, and finally reviewed by the TAFISA General Assembly at its next meeting on the occasion of the next TAFISA World Congress.

» Application Form - English (pdf, 179 KB)

For more information, please contact the TAFISA office.

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