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Take Back Your Streets!

Take Back Your Streets… Take Back Your Future! is a new TAFISA program funded by The Coca-Cola Foundation and launched during the 24th TAFISA World Congress 2015 in Budapest.

Learn about the program's successes in 2016 and how you can get involved: Take Back Your Streets... Take Back Your Future Implementation Workbook


The world is facing a physical inactivity crisis of epidemic proportions. It is bankrupting economies and decimating human potential. It is unacceptable, but it is not unstoppable. We must unite to find new ways to bring physical activity back to the daily lives of all people.
A huge, currently underestimated resource is open space.
Just Imagine if every street, path, park and other public spaces were utilized for physical activity and play. Our world could be one giant play park!

Take Back Your Streets!
Take Back Your Streets… Take Back Your Future! aims to bring physical activity back to open spaces for the use of all citizens – in festivals, events, games, play and the everyday life – and educate community leaders to build a brighter future through physical activity. It is designed for national and local organizations, municipalities, communities and citizens who wish to tackle the epidemics of inactivity by combining their local effort with a global commitment, thus striving to build a common voice for the benefit of the generations of tomorrow.


Take Back Your Streets… Take Back Your Future! is unique since it combines practice and theory:

  1. Take Back Your Streets stands for any grassroots sport event that makes use of urban open spaces such as squares, streets, etc. and is open for every citizen to actively participate.
  2. Take Back Your Future is a workshop to train key local stakeholders, decision makers, managers and community leaders to foster their understanding of the untapped potential and benefits of Active Cities.

Only the combination of both – the event and the workshop – guarantees for the ultimate success of the project!

Public and open spaces are where we grow up, discover the world, make friends, have fun, spend family and leisure time and later in life commute to school, university and work. They are the very essence of community life and have the intrinsic potential to offer opportunities to be active. Take Back Your Streets… Take Back Your Future! is about maximizing their potential.


Take Back Your Streets!

2016 marks the launch of the pilot phase of Take Back Your Streets… Take Back Your Future! aimed at testing it on the ground while learning from local experiences and giving it strength for a 2017 roll-out.


Are you organising national or local grassroots sports events taking place in open and public spaces as part of your activities? Let us know and register them as part of the pilot! They will be labelled and also automatically receive TAFISA patronage.
Registering your event will not only allow us to learn from your successful events and develop the program’s features, but also to unite the good work which is independently done all over Europe into a Europe-wide movement.


  • Share your good work with the world
  • Be a part of a European network
  • Become a Take Back Your Streets labelled event
  • Get TAFISA patronage for your event
  • Be highlighted on the TAFISA website
  • Become part of the Take Back Your Streets! calendar of events
  • Win an award


Joining is easy and open to all!
Simply register your event online:
Online registration form (click here)

In return you will receive TAFISA patronage as well as the Take Back Your Streets! label for your event.


  • Car-free events
  • Sport for All festivals
  • Urban walks and cycling events
  • Street sports events
  • Night skating events
  • Etc.

All events registered will automatically be in the running for TAFISA Take Back Your Streets! Awards for outstanding action. The Awards will be attributed at a dedicated ceremony at the end of the year.


Take Back Your Streets… Take Back Your Future! is funded by The Coca-Cola Foundation and supported by TAFISA Europe.

Take Back Your Streets            Take Back Your Streets Take Back Your Streets
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