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The TAFISA Reach Out program, developed with the support of the IOC, aims to build awareness, cooperation and strategic development of local and national Sport for All movements, particularly less developed countries. The program will create synergy between governors and practitioners of Sport for All delivery, to enable communities and citizens around the world to benefit from the myriad benefits that Sport for All can bring.

Developing Local and National Sport for All Movements Globally

The TAFISA Reach Out program was developed in response to member demand for support in developing the Sport for All movements in their cities and countries. Many members who have participated in the TAFISA CLC program requested such a course, and TAFISA listened carefully to what was being asked when developing the Reach Out concept.

The TAFISA Reach Out Program is open to all TAFISA members and NOCs. To host TAFISA Reach Out program in your country, please complete and return the application form linked below. For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

» Reach Out Program Flyer
» Reach Out Program Application Form


Reach Out Program Overview

Aims & Objectives

  • To bring together all parties responsible for Sport for All in a member or NOC nation, including the sports, education, health, transport, media and economic sectors, amongst others,
  • To build awareness of the significant positive impact of Sport for All amongst governing bodies,
  • To establish meaningful cooperation within and between governors and practitioners of Sport for All delivery,
  • To develop aims and objectives for the implementation of Sport for All locally and nationally, and
  • To provide experience exchange opportunities.

Facts, Figures & Requirements

One to two working days
TAFISA, with the help of TAFISA Member Organization, NOC or delegate
TAFISA National Member organization, NOC or delegate
TAFISA Member organization(s), NOC, the sports, health, recreation, education, transport, media, economic and other sectors, and Sport for All delivery practitioners, including teachers, community leaders, sports facility managers, coaches, etc.


Structure & Program

Whilst each workshop is unique and TAFISA will work with the host organisation(s) to tailor this to local needs, the following topics typically included into a program similar to the example shown in the table below:

  • Understanding the Current Situation (presentation of local/national Sport for All policy and programs)
  • Building Awareness of the Significance of Sport for All and its Implementation (TAFISA)
  • Understanding Local Needs and Aspirations (in consultation with those responsible for delivery)
  • Strategy Building in Sport for All (workshop on future direction in Sport for All)



Day 1

Day 2

Morning Session

Meeting – Leading sports ministry and organization(s) (e.g. NOC and/or Sport for All association)

Meeting – All relevant ministries (sport, culture, health, education, transport, etc.), Sport for All organisation(s)

Workshop(s) – governing bodies, leading Sport for All providers, e.g. schools, sports clubs, municipalities, etc.

Working Group/Steering Committee formation (for ongoing development)

Afternoon Session

Stakeholder Consultation – e.g. municipalities, schools, clubs, youth and seniors programs, corporations, etc.

Press conference


Host Responsibilities

TAFISA Reach Out program host organisations are responsible for organising and/or providing:

  • Provision of suitable venues for meetings and workshop, including technical equipment
  • Inviting participants, including governmental and non-governmental, in consultation with TAFISA
  • Participant materials (as required, in consultation with TAFISA)
  • Distribution of final program, as determined in consultation with TAFISA, and participant contact list
  • Airfare, local transport, meals and accommodation for 1 to 2 TAFISA consultants
  • Consultation Fee of € 300 per working day

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

TAFISA released its Reach Out program as a tribute to the inaugural International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, as declared by the United Nations General Assembly, held 6th April 2014. For more information about the IDSDP, please see:


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