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TAFISA Newsletter - December 2014

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Presidents Message

Dear TAFISA members, colleagues and friends,

Thank you for making my first full year as TAFISA President such a positive, productive and memorable one. With your support, TAFISA has been able to ‘go, grow and glow’ in so many different directions. We have built upon and refreshed our traditions, including World Walking Day ‘Month’ and World ‘Kids’’ Challenge Day, created greater development opportunities for our members, for example the Reach Out program, and strengthened the global Sport for All movement and network through our collaborative approach and cooperation with international bodies – the IOC, European Commission, UNESCO, Designed To Move and more. I am incredibly proud and humbled to be with the leadership team of such a great organization and global family, and look forward ever-so-much to what 2015, and beyond, has to bring. On behalf of the TAFISA Board of Directors and office team, I wish you all a wonderful, safe and happy holiday season, and look forward to joining you next year on our mission toward an Active World.


Ju-Ho Chang

TAFISA President

2014 – A Great Year for TAFISA

2014 arrived on a high, with the success of the TAFISA World Congress 2013, the election of a new Board and President, and the adoption of DTM.  But it didn't stop there.  With TAFISA partnerships and political influence strengthening, TAFISA programs and events growing and TAFISA members developing, 2014 was a great year for TAFISA.



TAFISA Signs Letter of Intent with New EU Commissioner for Sport T. Navracsics

The signing ceremony held in Milan, Italy, on the 1st of December 2014 as part of the EU Sport Forum, sealed TAFISA pioneer involvement in the development of the European Week of Sport.


TAFISA World Congress 2015 - Successful Meetings in Budapest

The TAFISA World Congress 2015 is coming closer. In December TAFISA met with the Hungarian Leisure Sport Association and the Congress organisers in Budapest, Hungary.


A New Certification & Management Framework for Active Cities

TAFSA is proud to announce the launch of the “Sport for All and Sustainable Health Framework for Active Cities”, in partnership with the IOC, Evaleo and the City of Liverpool.


   TAFISA News

1000 Chances for Africa

“More Space for Sport – 1,000 Chances for Africa”.
TAFISA is very proud to contribute to this new programme of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).



TAFISA supports Pyeongchang Olympic Legacy

Recently TAFISA has signed an MoU with Gangwon Province, Seoul National University and Pyeongchang County to develop an Olympic Legacy Program. Also TAFISA partner K-Will group will contribute to this remarkable project.


Juchheim Sport Forum, Kobe, Japan

“Legacy through Grassroots´ Sports” was the theme of the annual Juchheim Sport Forum in Kobe, Japan, where TAFISA Secretary General Baumann presented a global persepective of the international Sport for All movement. Aso on the agenda were meetings with representative of the sport manufacturer ASICS.


Presidents activities

In the past months TAFISA President Prof. Dr. Ju-Ho Chang had some interesting meetings in Asia, as he has met with IOC President Dr. Thomas Bach or went to Jakarta, the next host city of the World Sport for All Games.


  Programs & Events

Project “Recall: Games of the Past – Sports for Today” stops in Ireland

With its rich background in Traditional Sports and Games (TSG), Ireland constituted a natural stop-over for Recall project partners, on December 7th – 11th, 2014.



Learn & Lead – TAFISA CLCs Reach a New Market in the Pacific

The Pacific Island of Guam, and its Governor’s Council for Physical Fitness and Sports welcomed international participants to the first ever TAFISA CLC for the region. Graduates were exposed to regional and global perspectives on Sport for All and physical activity, and left motivated to strengthen the local and Pacific movement


Be You Own Master – TAFISA to Launch MA in International Sport for All

In September next year TAFISA is excited to launch its Master Program on Sport for All. For this reason TAFISA has met with the Turkish organizers in Ankara.



Participate in the 6th TAFISA World Sport for All Games, 2016, Indonesia!

Whether you are a participant, international championship organizer, spectator or sponsor/exhibitor, the 6th TAFISA World Sport for All Games offers plenty of opportunities to be one of the 10 000 attendees foreseen to take part in the event!


  Members activities

The IDO World Tap dance Championships 2014 in Riesa, Germany

In the end of November Riesa/Germany became the World Tap Dance capital by hosting the IDO´s 24th World Tap Dance Championships with more than 2.500 dancers from all over the world.
IDO-President reports on this spectacular event.



Sharing the latest theoretical knowledge and scientific researches on the effects of physical activity is the main goal of the mentioned conference in Serbia. Marina Ivanovic reports on this exciting event.


World Walking Day – Ukraine Edition

The Ukraine also contributed in a great way to the TAFISA World Walking Day 2014.
Their coordinator Anna Ohanian reports on their event.


The European Indoor Archery Championships of the IFAA, The Italian National 3D indoor Championships of the FIARC, San Marino 20 October - 2 November 2014

Under TAFISA patronage the European Indoor Archery Championships of the IFAA  and the  Italian National 3D Indoor Championship of the FIARC were hosted successfully in San Marino in late October 2014. More than 300 archers from all over Europe participated in this great event.


  What can YOU do?

Apply for Patronage

If your organisation will host a Sport for All event you have the opportunity to apply for TAFISA patronage.

Learn more...

TAFISA Awards Scheme

TAFISA has established an Awards Scheme to honour those individuals and organisations that have enabled, and continue to support, TAFISA’s
growth and success.

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Introduce Certified Leadership Courses (CLCs) or Reach Out Day to your country

TAFISA Certified Leadership Courses in Sport for All and Reach out Day were developed to train and qualify national Sport for All leaders around
the globe.

Learn more:
» CLCs
» Reach out

Send us your comments or articles about your organisation or event

If you would like to introduce your organisation to the world/to other members or if you hosted a Sport for All event in your country, you are
welcome to write a short article and contribute to our newsletter.

Please send the articles (not more than 300 words) to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  Upcoming Events
   January 2015 TAFISA “European Week of Sport Toolbox” Project Kick-Off Meeting
   28 January 2015 UNESCO CIGEPS and Permanent Consultative Committee Meeting, Lausanne, Switzerland
   30 January 2015 Informal consultation with stakeholders to support the development of the WHO European Physical Activity for Health Strategy (2016-2025)
   22 March 2015 International Forum on Traditional Sports and Games, Lisbon, Portugal
   23-24 March 2015 5th Project Recall Meeting, Sétubal, Portugal
   19 – 25 May 2015 CLC Ukraine
   May 2015 TAFISA World Challenge Day
   14 - 18 October 2015 TAFISA World Congress 2015 in Budapest, Hungary
   6 - 12 October 2016 TAFISA World Sport for All Games 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia



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On the initiative of TAFISA board member Prof. Yasuo Yamaguchi the annual Juchheim Sport Forum took place in Kobe, November 29. With participants from all over Japan the event focused on the theme of “Legacy through Grassroots’ Sports” and also marked the introduction of “Designed To Move” to Japan. TAFISA Secretary General Wolfgang Baumann presented a global perspective of the international Sport for All movement. The chairperson of Juchheim Foundation, Mr. Takeshi Kawamoto, in his opening speech highlighted the important value of physical activity for the wellbeing of Japanese people. The event was attended by TAFISA member Sasakawa Sport Foundation represented by director Kazutoshi Watanabe.

During his stay in Kobe Baumann and Yamaguchi also met with representatives of ASICS sport manufacturer at their headquarters to discuss a future cooperation with TAFISA. TAFISA has strong position in Japan under the lead of board member Prof Yasuo Yamaguchi. Examples are the Juchheim Sport Forum as well as a recent meeting with ASICS sports manufacturer.

TAFISA role as a partner of the coming Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang 2018 has been confirmed. Initiated by TAFISA President Ju-Ho Chang TAFISA signed a MoU with Gangwon Province, Seoul National University and Pyeongchang County for the development of an Olympic Legacy program. This consortium is joined by TAFISA partner K-Will Group, Korea which contributes with the newly developed Healthy Aging program as part of the legacy. TAFISA is proud to be invited to join this significant and innovative strategic approach.

The 6th TAFISA World Sport for All Games are casting their shadows ahead and the preparations for this big event in Jakarta, Indonesia are running smoothly. From 6th to 12th October 2016, Jakarta will be the capital of Sport for All. Held under patronage of the IOC and UNESCO, the Games will gather thousands of participants from around the globe to demonstrate or compete in Traditional Sports and Games (TSG).

Recently TAFISA has sent out:

  • the first announcement for the Games, with information for participants as well as interested organizations and persons.
  • the invitation to host championships as part of the 2016 Games.

The championships’ flyer, Games’ announcement as well as a pre-registration form can be found on our website.

For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

» Championships’ flyer
» Games’ Announcement
» Pre-Registration Form