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by Alessandro Salvanti (FIARC) and Loet Smit (IFAA)

It is not often that a small association like FSTARCO of San Marino is given the opportunity to host large archery events such as the European Indoor Championships of the International Field Archery Association (IFAA), combined with the Italian Indoor 3D target championships under auspices of FIARC.
But with the help of the much larger Italian Federation FIARC, this small nation was able to organise an amazing event.

As a member of TAFISA the IFAA is committed to host international archery events that are accessible to all its member archers, irrespective of gender or their preferred style of archery.
To achieve this the IFAA recognises eleven shooting styles, based on what archery equipment is used, and recognises four Amateur divisions that vary from kids under 13, juniors (13-17), Youths (18-19), Adults (20+) and Veterans (55+) as well as a Professional division for those archers who are deemed to be “professional” by the IFAA.
The IFAA does not recognise qualification or elimination before or during their tournaments and all archers compete for the full duration of the championships.
The IFAA indoor archery events are no exception to these principles of the IFAA and we are very proud that the organisers of this event managed to accommodate 330 archers, comprising of 20% veterans, 13% cubs and juniors and 17% women from 18 European member associations who competed in 54 different styles and divisions. Some 45% of the archers competed in the “traditional” styles.

A crowded award ceremony on 1 November signalled the end of the European Indoor Archery Championships of the IFAA after three days of wonderful competition.
Various dignitaries from San Marino and various archery associations, with special mention of Mr Teodoro Lonfernini (Secretary of State for Sport), Mrs  Antonella Mularoni (Secretary for Tourism), Mr Gian Primo Giardi (President of the National Olympic Committee of San Marino) as well as Mr Mario Scarzella (First Vice President of World Archery), Mr Steve Kendrick (Vice-President of IFAA) and the Presidents of the two hosting Federations (Luciano Zanotti of FSTARCO and Alessandro Salvanti of FIARC) attended the ceremony to congratulate the 125 archers who received medals and the hosting federations (FIARC and FSTARCO) for the success in organizing such a championship.
A special thanks to Mr Gian Primo Giardi whose input with the use of great local facilities, and to the hard work of seventy members and officials of the local association FSTARCO  and  FIARC ,who were the key to the success of this championship.

Although such an IFAA event is mostly fun and enjoyment for most archers, it is a championship and when it comes to receiving gold medals, especially in the larger styles, the game may become more serious. This event was no exception.
Several IFAA indoor records were broken, especially in the Freestyle divisions of the younger archers.
In the Adult Male Freestyle Unlimited division a tie break shoot off of 15 arrows was necessary to establish the medals as three archers had shot the perfect score of 900. Italian Paolo Della Santa defeated fellow Italian Giuseppe Seimandi and Swiss archer Ralf Cassani (13, 12 and 10 perfect scores respectively).
Scottish archer Alistair Whittingham received the bronze medal in the Professional division with a tie break win over the Belgian Philippe Prieels. Congratulations also to Sarah Prieels (Belgium) and Alex Roth (Germany) in the Professional who both all shot a perfect 900 score.

Congratulations to the San Marino “enfants du pays”, Walter Ambrogiani, who won Gold with a perfect score in the Veteran Male Freestyle Unlimited Division and Fabio Ticci who won Bronze in third position in the same Division, with the Swiss archer Niko Tomsic in second position.
Locals Andrea Parenti and Oberdan Gorini finished first and third in the Adult Male Freestyle Recurve division and Anna Maria Stacchini received “Gold” in the Veteran Female Freestyle Unlimited, and Leonardo Tura, winning the gold medal in the Freestyle Recurve kids division.

Concurrent with this event, FIARC organized their 3D National Indoor Championships in San Marino, in two separate venues. This is a three day event open to all members of IFAA. Some 480 archers attended this event and many of them competed in both championships.
This event is under the auspices of FIARC and not the IFAA, so tournament rules are somewhat different to the IFAA standard. Over the first two days of the event archers had to shoot qualifying scores to be able to compete in the final round and on the Sunday the Olympic Committee venue hosted the 32 styles’ finals, which was broadcasted live over 2 ½ hours on San Marino television.
Both competitions set new attendance records and created a lot of attention to the sport of Archery with the local population and surrounding Italian region.
Our thanks to all the organisers for well-organized events, achieving what the IFAA stands for: a good time among friends and family, enjoyment in the sport and introducing the sport at international level.

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