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Supporters form a decisive group of the TAFISA family. Without its supporters TAFISA would not be able to achieve its goals and fulfil its mission. Amongst others the following deserve special acknowledgement.

The German Federal Government represented by its Ministry of the Interior offers morale and financial support to TAFISA and its headquarters in Germany. At present, various projects of joint action between both organizations are in preparation

The Commerzbank AG, as one of Germany’s leading internationally operating bank, is partner of TAFISA. This also includes the hosting of the TAFISA office in the Commerzbank headquarters in Frankfurt/Main. For many years the company not only supports top sports but also Sport for All activities nationally. Klaus-Peter Müller, CEO of Commerzbank (changed) AG, comments on the motivation for the involvement of the bank in the field of Sport for All.

With the morale and financial help of the State Government of Hesse represented by the State Ministry of the Interior and Sport TAFISA has been enabled to establish its headquarters in Frankfurt/Main as one of the major cities of Hesse.

Sport StadiaNet Group is the TAFISA partner in the field of construction, financing and maintenance of sports infrastructure.

Sport StadiaNet was founded in 2004 by Swiss and US Investors to provide a simple and effective solution for communities to build, maintain and ensure the availability of top quality sports infrastructure on the long term at attractive terms and conditions. Sport StadiaNet began its operations in Germany and has expansion plans throughout Western and Eastern Europe. To reach this goal Sport StadiaNet developed a Public Private Partnership (“PPP”) concept, especially designed for small and medium-sized investments.

The City of Frankfurt hosts the TAFISA headquarters as a strong supporter of TAFISA’s activities. This also includes the current development of joint projects in the area of community based Sport for All programs.

Ball Packaging Europe is one of the leading European beverage can manufacturers, employing 2,600 people at 12 sites in Germany, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Poland and Serbia. The company is a subsidiary of Ball Corporation, a supplier of high-quality metal packaging for beverage, food and household products, and of aerospace and other technologies and services. Ball Corporation and its subsidiaries employ more than 14,000 people worldwide and reported 2009 sales of approx. 7.3 billion US dollars.

As a founding TAFISA member the DOSB offers special support to TAFISA by funding the office and personnel. There is a close cooperation in various areas of Sport for All between both organizations.