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Since its inception in 2005, the TAFISA Office had its headquarters in central Frankfurt, courtesy of Commerzbank kindly hosting the TAFISA staff within its premises. Over the years TAFISA has grown bigger and welcomed more people in its team. The new office provided as an in-kind donation from Commerzbank is still located in Frankfurt and is more spacious than the previous one, making it more convenient for the staff to carry out their tasks for TAFISA. 

The new office already had its first guest, in the person of Sports Union Slovenia (SUS) Vice-President Patrik Perosa. 

 New Office
Patrik Perosa (second from the right) here with the TAFISA Office team

TAFISA would like to once again express its thanks and gratitude to Commerzbank for their invaluable continued support, which has allowed TAFISA to thrive over the recent years.

Please note TAFISA's new address: 

TAFISA Office c/o Commerzbank / Filiale Höchst

Hostatostraße 2

D-65929 Frankfurt am Main



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