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TSG Gerlev
TSG Gerlev


Come and enjoy three playful days with a practical introduction to Traditional Sports and Games (TSG) and a contemporary approach to teaching it.

Gerlev P.E. & Sports Academy and The Historical Gerlev Playpark in Denmark are the first European Regional Centre of Traditional Sports and Games recognized by TAFISA. Gerlev Playpark was founded in 1993 as an independent institution under Gerlev P.E: & Sports Academy. Gerlev Playpark teaches TSG to Gerlev P.E. & Sports Academy’s students, courses in TSG all over Denmark and is represented in several national and international TSG networks.

And now, they have opened the courses to provide insights to Gerlev research and cooperation with TSG organizations as TAFISA on the project Recall: Games of the Past.

The Autumn course will be starting on 16th to 18th November, 2016 and the Spring course will be on 2nd to 4th May, 2017. The courses will provide an academic understanding of the possibilities in TSG and how to use the past as an inspiration for present and future work with movement culture.

For more information or registration, please visit www.gerlev.dk/events/tsg1
We look forward to seeing you in Denmark! 


TSG Gerlev
TSG Gerlev

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