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The officially recognized regional body of its umbrella body TAFISA, TAFISA Europe is an informal platform for Europe.  TAFISA Europe’s primary objectives are to:

  • Provide programs and events for members and citizens, including physical activity events, educational programs and networking events
  • Provide European networking and experience transfer platforms
  • Lobby across Europe for sport for all and physical activity and assume political leadership.

TAFISA Europe members are all paying European members of TAFISA.  Therefore, the members benefit from the services of both TAFISA and TAFISA Europe.

TAFISA Europe’s work is based on a set of guidelines (see attached) and is chaired by a Steering Committee that was elected during the last Europe regional meeting on 10 November 2011 in Antalya, Turkey as part of the TAFISA World Congress.  TAFISA Europe succeeds ESFAN, which was subsequently dissolved as a legal body according to the new business strategy.

The Steering Committee:

Chairperson:   Peter BarendsePeter Barendse, Netherlands, Netherlands Institute for Sport and Physical Activity (NISB)
Deputy Chairperson: Malgorzata Szukalska-WronaMalgorzata Szukalska-Wrona, Poland, Ministry of Sports and Tourism

MiriciProf. Dr. Ismail Hakki Mirici, Turkey, Executive Board Member, Turkish Sport for All Federation

Eerika Laalo-Häikiö Eerika Laalo-Häikiö, Finland, Finnish Sport for All Association

Dusan MiticDusan Mitic, Serbia, Sport for All Association Serbia

Efi MouzourouEfi Mouzourou, Cyprus, Cyprus Sports Organization

Ex Officio:

Ewa SuskaDr. Ewa Suska, TAFISA Vice President Europe, Poland, Ministry of Sports and Tourism

Wolfgang BaumannWolfgang Baumann, TAFISA Secretary General, Germany

Coordinator: Kelly Park, TAFISA Office


The members of the Steering Committee met in Frankfurt 6-7 February 2012 to discuss the direction and strategy of the new platform and had excellent results with all members contributing actively. For more information, please visit TAFISA Europe on Facebook.

Presently, the Steering Committee has launched a questionnaire to the TAFISA Europe members to find out about their interests and demands as well as to identify future priorities of operation in Europe.  The findings and resulting list of priorities will be published at the end of April.




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